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Female Killers of the Month - April 2021

April 23, 2021 Shevonne Season 1 Episode 75
Female Killers Podcast
Female Killers of the Month - April 2021
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In this week’s episode, Shevonne talks about five female killer stories in April 2021.

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The Fairer Sex, Bombshell, Bitch, Mother, Girl Boss, Lady are some of the ways that have been used to describe women. “Killer” is usually not a word that comes to mind. Welcome to the Female Killers Podcast, where we will explore women who have killed out of revenge, love, or just pure evil. 


April had murders or trials that were committed from female killers.  

Shaquavia Willis

On Tuesday, April 13, 2021, police were called to the block of Iguana Terrace Drive in St. Louis, Missouri.   This is in Spanish Lake where there was a documentary made about the changes in demographic throughout the years.  When police arrived at the block, they found 33-year-old Christian Stewart lying on the ground with at least one gun shot wound.  Christian died the scene from his wound.  

The two had been dating for about a year.  On the day of the murder, Shaquavia caught Christian on a video call chatting with a woman he used to date.   The two seem to have gotten into an argument where Shaquavia broke up with Christinan.  Even though she was the one who broke up with him, Shaquavia continued following Willis.  All of a sudden shots were heard. Witnesses said they saw a woman jump out of a car, walk towards the victim, and shoot him.  

When police arrived, Shaquavia had already left the scene.  However, a few hours later, she decided to turn herself in.  She would tell police that she had gotten the gun that killed Christian Stewart two weeks prior.  While being questioned, Shaquavia admitted to shooting Christian while he ran away from her.  The only reason that she stopped shooting was because she ran out of bullets. 



Daniel Haseth’s Death

On April 9, 2021, Daniel Halseth’s mother called the police concerned because she had not heard from her son in a few days.  She asked that they go to his home on Dunphy Court in Las Vegas.  When the police arrived, the house was on fire and they found the burned body of Daniel Halseth in the garage.

After an autopsy, the coroner found out that Daniel Halseth was already dead before the house fire started. He had died from share force injuries with punctured wounds on his chest, neck, and back.  The coroner then ruled his death a homicide. 

The police arrested Daniel Halseth’s 16-year-old daughter Sierra Halseth who initially was not named probably due to her being a juvenile and her 18-year-old boyfriend Aaron Guerrero.  This was after Aaron’s parents approached police at the crime scene. 

After speaking with Aaron’s parents, Daniel Halseth’s mother, and his daughter’s mother, investigators found out that the two had dated from June 2020 to December 2020.  The two sets of parents found out that the two had come up the a scheme to rob their parents and then run away to LA.  Due to this, the two were no longer allowed to see one another. 

This is when police think they came up with the plot of stealing Daniel Halseth’s car.  Well, it hasn’t been released if they intentionally or unintentionally murdered Daniel.  But, they did take his car and headed to Salt Lake City, Utah.  The girl’s mother also indicated that $1,300 was missing from a joint account she had with Daniel Halseth.  

During a search of the house, police found lighter fluid, a chainsaw, a handsaw  "with apparent blood and tissue on the saw and in between the groves of the saw." They also found a circular saw and two folding knives. 

At a store called Winco, surveillance footage showed Sierra buying two gallons of bleach and a gallon of orange juice.  Another set of surveillance footage from Home Depot showed Marvin buy the three saws and gloves. The fact that the murder took place in April 2021 and the parents stopped them from seeing each other in December 2020, added with that the purchases, it shows that this was premeditated. 


Murdered Her Son Dominic Allen

On April 13, 2021, Kenya Stallworth was indicted for the murder of her 19-year-old son Dominic Allen.  In December 2020, the Dominic’s body was found in the home of Kenya that she shared with her husband Robert Robb in his bedroom. Dominic had gone missing two months prior in September.  His father Marcus Allen said that friends had told him that he had not been seen since September 24, 2020.  


Even so, Kenya took an extra ten days to go to the police. When Marcus questioned her as to why it took so long, Kenya responded that she thought he was going to call the police. 


Kenya and Robert tried hiding the fact that Dominic’s body was there slowly decomposing.  They tried sealing the bedroom, piling his body in clothes, and trying to mask the smell.  It seems the teen died around September 26, 2020.  They haven’t said how Dominic actually died. 


Even though Dominic’s body was found in December, they werne’t able to positively identify the body until April.  Even so, Kenya Stallworth and Robert Robb were arrested in December. 

"He loved helping everybody," Marcus Allen said in an interview. "He was a wonderful child. He was a happy child."

He added, "I am proud to be his father."

The Horrific Abuse and Death of Keaton Michael Boggs 

This month in April, the trial of 49-year-old Michelle Bogg is set to begin.  She is on trial for the alleged abuse and the death of her five-year-old grandson Keaton Michael Boggs.  Michelle has pled not guilty. 

The trial the other person charged,  Michelle’s son-in-law Peter James “P.J.” Wodzinski Jr., 33, also of Lost Creek lasted three days, so prosecutors think that is how quick Michelle’s trial will be. 

The other person who will also be tried is Keaton Michael Bogg’s aunt and Michelle’s daughter, 30-year-old Chasity Wodzinski.

Keaton had gone to the hospital multiple times for the abuse suffered by the three, but mainly it seems Peter. During Peter’s trial, health professionals at the emergency room and pediatric critical care doctors testified. Keaton would then die from severe head blows but it’s not known if it was Peter, Chasity, or Michelle. 

It seems that in West Virginia, a conviction for felony death of a child by parent, guardian or custodian, even if the person who did it or was an accomplice, carries the same penalty.  

Keaton’s father was Michelle’s son, 30-year-old Christopher Michael Boggs,  a US Army war veteran, who had died on June 16, 2019. 

Mistaking a Gun for a Taser 

I think at this point all of us have heard of the sad death of 20-year-old Daunte White in Minneapolis on April 11, 2021.   Daunte had been stopped while driving due to an expired vehicle registration.  48-year-old police officer Kim Potter was training a new police officer when they approached the car.  After finding out that there was a warrant out for the arrest of Daunte White, they tried arresting him. They say that Daunte twisted his body and were heading back into the car, and that is when supposedly she mistook her gun for her taser, and killed the young man. This has resulted in protests.  What’s worse is that it’s happening during the trial of the police officer who murdered George Floyd.  Kim Potter was charged with second-degree manslaughter. 

Closing Remarks

These were five female killers that have either committed a murder in April or are on trial this month for a murder they committed.  


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