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Help Find Jody LeCornu's Killer

January 22, 2021 Shevonne Season 1 Episode 69
Female Killers Podcast
Help Find Jody LeCornu's Killer
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In this week’s episode, Shevonne talks about Jody LeCornu, a Towson University student who was murdered 25 years ago and there have been no leads in the case.  If you have any leads, even a minor one, please call the tip line 410-200-6284.

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The Fairer Sex, Bombshell, Bitch, Mother, Girl Boss, Lady are some of the ways that have been used to describe women. “Killer” is usually not a word that comes to mind. Welcome to the Female Killers Podcast, where we will explore women who have killed out of revenge, love, or just pure evil. 


As you know, I usually focus on known female killers. However, I am deviating this week because my niece, who is a Towson University student, asked me to please discuss this case to reach someone who has information about this cold case. A Towson University student Jody LeCornu was shot in her car.  This was 24 years ago, and even with a $100,000 reward, there have been no leads in this case.  The anguish that her family and friends must still be going through because how can they be at peace when they don’t have the person responsible for the death of a young woman who had her whole life ahead of her.  Hopefully, someone out there has some information that can finally help lead investigators to her murderer.

Jody LeCornu 

Jody LeCornu seems to have been a sweet young woman who was loved by those who knew her.  She was a student at Towson University, which at that time was known as Towson State.  Jody was studying geriatrics, which is the branch of medicine or social science dealing with the health and care of old people.  At the time, Jody was living in an apartment with her boyfriend and roommate Steve Durbin.  When she wasn’t at work, she also had a part-time job as a receptionist at Eastern Savings Bank. 

People who knew Jody like friends and neighbors say that Jody was outgoing and friendly.  The manager of the restaurant where she was a waitress the previous year said in an interview, “She was a sweetheart -- she always kept us laughing.” 

One thing that was also said about Jody was that she was very cautious and took extra precautions about her personality safety.  

A neighbor of Jody’s twin sister also said that she was very focused on her personal safety and it was “uncharacteristic” that she was out in the late of night at a parking lot alone.


On March 1, 1996, Jody had been seen at the Mount Washington Tavern.  I searched to see if the place is still open and it is.  It seems to be a restaurant/bar that serves American food.  After Jody left the tavern, she aheaded to Curb Shoppe Bar that was about two minutes away from Mount Washington Tavern.  It is no longer open.  Jody bought some liquor.  Afterwards, she went to Drumcastle Government Center, in the early morning of March 2, 1996.  Jody parked at the parking lot at the center. This was in Towson, which is 12 minutes away from the tavern and bar.  

This was almost 25 years ago, so it was just around the mid 1990s that CCTV cameras started being installed all over.  There was a camera that captured the suspect and vehicle.  Even so, no one knows what happens so not sure if maybe the camera was at a place that didn’t capture the entire interaction?  Did the suspect tap on her window to get her attention?  Did the two talk? Or did he/she just pull out a gun and shoot Jody?  The only thing that is known for sure was that on March 2, 1996, a person or persons shot at the rear window and was able to shoot Jody in the back. Jody was still alive at that point, and she took off and drove to the York Road Plaza parking lot, which was about 4 minutes away. 

The suspect was able to follow her in his white BMW.  He didn’t shoot her again. Instead, he reached inside the car and took something.  The thought was that he grabbed her purse because it was missing when the car was searched.  This means that the windows were open.  A Giant food store employee called the police when he heard the gunshots.  This was at 3:41 a.m. When police arrived, Jody already dead, they were able to lift fingerprints from inside the car.  However, even now, 25 years later, they still haven’t been able to match the fingerprints to anyone. 

There were witnesses who saw the murder and were able to give police a description of the suspect.  He was a black male with a stocky build and was wearing a camo-style or a dark green army coat. .  He seems to be between 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighing 200 to 220 pounds. After shooting Jody, he drove away in the white BMW.  

Investigators have said that they think the suspect must have told someone.  As someone who used to watch Criminal Minds and MindHunter, I wonder if they had a criminalist who did a criminal profile of the suspect.  I am no expert but I have read that usually when someone commits a crime, they will usually tell at least one person. 

In a 1996 news article, Captain Uppercue said, “With all the interviews we've done, we still haven't been able to determine why it is she was down there. There's no indication of drugs, or anything like that. It's kind of curious why this guy followed her to Giant -- we don't know why. We don't know if she was meeting someone.”

Investigators interviewed Jody’s family, friends, and boyfriend.  No one was able to give the police any leads on the suspect.  Also, no one could say why Jody was at the parking lot. Her boyfriend Steve said he had talked to her in the morning before they went to work.  He got home around 12:30 a.m. Steve didn’t think anything about Jody not being there.  He had assumed that she had went to visit her parents in Annapolis. 

The case went cold.  Jody’s sister Jenny Carrieri asked the police for the police file but they declined. However, in 2016, they police released photos from the camera.  They show the suspect and white BMW but the resolution is pretty bad. 

Closing Remarks

The suspect would be in his 50s.  I don’t care if he is a good friend of yours or a family members.  He murdered an innocent young woman.  He needs to be held accountable for that.  Jody was taken away from her parents, twin sister, friends, and others.  What’s even more horrific was that she was murdered on her parent’s anniversary.  In 2020, her family put up three billboards in the Baltimore area and the reward for any information is now $100,000.  Even if you have suspicions about that person, send a tip to the police.  It can even be anonymous. This family deserves peace, and Jody deserves justice. 


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